Legal Studies Units 3 & 4 Trial Exam (Students only)

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Sections A and B, 80 marks

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Available September 2022

Available for students only

This Units 3 & 4 exam is available for purchase by students only for their own exam preparation. The exam is accompanied by a detailed guide which provides suggested responses and a self-assessment toolkit.

The Units 3 & 4 Trial Exam:

  • consists of 80 marks and two sections: A and B, mirroring the format of the VCE Legal Studies examination;
  • contains stimulus material and contemporary issues/scenarios, including hypothetical criminal and civil cases, and actual scenarios about parliament, the courts and the Australian Constitution;
  • is accompanied by a detailed marking guide, which contains possible responses and a self-assessment guide for students;
  • is sent in PDF to students.

Once available, the Assessment Task will be sent within 48 hours of us verifying your information, and/or receipt of payment, whichever is the latter, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

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