Legal Studies Unit 2, Area of Study 1 Assessment Task

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Structured questions, 35 marks

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Our Unit 2, Area of Study 1 Assessment Task:

  • consists of 35 marks;
  • contains stimulus material and contemporary issues, including actual and hypothetical scenarios;
  • incorporates best practice in assessing, including incorporating questions of low, middle and high complexity;
  • is accompanied by our well-known and highly regarded detailed marking guide (with performance descriptors and advice on marking), which adopts the advice given for VCE Legal Studies assessment;
  • is sent in Word, so you can make the modifications necessary for your students. Please note that the marking guide is sent in PDF.

Once available, the Assessment Task will be sent within 48 hours of us verifying your information, and/or receipt of payment, whichever is the latter, in accordance with our terms and conditions.