The Legal Studies Hub was established in 2021. It offers:

  • trial exams and assessment tasks for VCE Legal Studies teachers, covering all units and areas of study;
  • a limited number of marking services for teachers;
  • a limited number of incursions (in-person or remote) for teachers;
  • masterclasses for Legal Studies students, with our first ever masterclass held online in September 2021.

We seek to be accessible to all teachers by providing digital products and remote incursions. The Legal Studies Hub aims to adopt best practice in teaching, assessment and marking, adopting the formal advice given in Legal Studies assessment. 

The Legal Studies Hub was established by Lisa Filippin. Lisa is a textbook author, education consultant and former teacher, has significant experience in the legal profession, and regularly writes on Legal Studies topics and speaks at Legal Studies events. She is an author of the popular textbooks Justice & Outcomes and Access & Justice, published by Oxford University Press. Lisa has extensive experience in assessing and curriculum writing, and has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the VCE Legal Studies Study Design. She has been involved in the review of the last two Study Designs.

Further information about VCE Legal Studies can be found on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s Legal Studies page.

The Legal Studies Hub is not affiliated with or endorsed by any organisation, including the VCAA. No warranties are made by the VCAA or any other organisation as to the correctness of material. While every care is taken, The Legal Studies Hub accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in its resources and services. Full terms and conditions can be found here

For more information on the Oxford University Press Legal Studies for VCE series, please visit: https://www.oup.com.au/secondary/legal-studies-for-vce-units-1-4.

The Oxford Legal Studies for VCE Units 1–4 offers comprehensive coverage of the Victorian Legal Studies curriculum with additional support online. It also has a comprehensive set of digital resources, including worked solutions for every question, detailed course planners, chapter summaries, revision notes and more.