Exam marking


We only mark our exams, available for purchase on our website. This is because we are comfortable that they are high quality assessment tasks, and we won’t need to second-guess the marking guide or the mark allocations. 

Lisa marks all the exams. We do not offer a widespread marking service.

As much as possible. We tend to book out early.

We aim to get exams completed within 4 to 14 days. At times, we may need longer depending on how many exams we have to mark, but we will let you know in advance if that’s the case.

There are a few ways:

  • You can get the exams delivered or couriered to us at an address nominated by us when you book in a date. You must include a pre-paid envelope or return courier instructions when doing so. 
  • You can scan the exams to us.
  • You can arrange for them to be dropped off at an address nominated by us. 

2024 packages and pricing (all prices are per paper)

Marks only

$16.50 inc. GST

  • Marks per student
  • Spreadsheet with means and marks
  • Marks and comments

    $33.00 inc. GST

  • Marks per student
  • Comments justifying marks less than full marks
  • Spreadsheet with means and marks
  • Optional extra: report

    $6.50 inc. GST

  • Assessment report with general and specific comments
  • Guidance on common errors, things to avoid, and best practice in responding to questions
  • Only available for cohorts of 20 or more students
  • Request for marking

    Please enter your details below to request papers to be marked. Please fill out a form for each exam (e.g. if you would like the Unit 3 exam marked mid-year, and the Units 3&4 exam).

    We take a number of factors into account when determining whether we can mark the papers, including the number of papers, the type of marking sought (e.g. marks only, or marks and comment), timing, and turnaround time.