Student masterclasses


Held online over school holidays or on weekends, making it easy for you to join from the comfort of your own space.


Workshop answers to questions, analyse scenarios, and learn from experts with decades of experience.

Detailed notes

Obtain detailed notes with tips and hints about how to approach the exam, with sample questions and responses.

Interactive, not a lecture!

Polls, activities, discussion: avoid the lectures and attend a Masterclass that is interactive and fun with quizzes and activities.

Expert, high-quality guidance

Presented by Lisa Filippin, author, examiner, assessor and industry expert, and other experts with years of Legal Studies experience.

Learn from your peers

Learn from other students and get the benefit of learning in groups, and hearing others' questions and answers.

2024 Masterclasses


Secure your ticket to our popular exam preparation masterclass
$ 44
  • Choose from three dates in September and October 2024
  • Online via Zoom
  • Hints, tips and guidance from leading experts
  • Interactive and skills-based
  • Comprehensive notes